Welcome to The Lab!

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

This is the beginning of a journey where objectivity matters, quality counts, and coffee professionals and all in the coffee community are invited to share their thoughts and opinions. We hope to provide you with valuable information to help you in your coffee quality endeavours!

Coffee as Seen by a Scientist

This blog is going to focus on a scientist’s views and adventures in the coffee world. We’ll look into many ways a scientific approach can help improve your coffee quality even further.  I’m excited to try and answer questions such as “Is my decaf really low in caffeine?”, “Is coffee a pH buffer?”, “How do I understand correlations within my roast parameters”? and many more. I will be bringing you news and interviews from the best in coffee science, combined with my own research findings.

About Me

I’m a bioengineer and a research chemist by trade. I’m not here to sell coffee or advertise coffee products. I’m here to take my years of scientific training and experience and apply it to coffee. I’m here to put products to the test, challenge pseudo-scientific coffee myths and bring objective analytical methods to the cupping table.

Let’s Explore Together!

Join me on this adventure, tell me about your experience, ask me your questions. Artists, business people and scientists all passionate about coffee, we are going to make a great team and hopefully make a real difference in the coffee industry!

Please feel free to get involved, post questions, leave constructive comments or email me at monika@coffeesciencelab.com.au. Connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or subscribe to this page the receive more news and updates.

Can’t wait to get started and looking forward to meeting you!

With warm, caffeinated regards,

Dr Monika Fekete, Director

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