Coffee Under the Microscope III

So far we have looked at coffee through optical microscopes, which has allowed us to appreciate grind size, shape and even helped to calculate grind size distribution. Electron microscopy is designed to take us to a real close-up with the material of interest. Electron Microscopy, Plant Cells & Porosity Instead of light beams, it uses electron beams to create an image which can reveal details down to the nanometer (nm) range. Just to appreciate how small a nanometer is, think

Coffee Under the Microscope II

Welcome to the second part of our mini-series on coffee microscopy! This time we look at two optical microscopes in the laboratory that both show coffee grinds in a different light. Plus, did you know that microscopy can be used to estimate grind particle distribution? It’s quite easy with a little help from Fiji, just read on! Introducing Olymus and Leica Both the Olympus and Leica brands manufacture a whole range of exciting microscope technology, but today we picked out a