This article takes a look at why coffee grinds become coarser when the grinder heats up and its impact on extraction speed.

APRIL 2019

This article outlines a sensory experiment designed by Dr Monika Fekete that investigates the roles of minerals in brew water, asking whether they influence extraction, or if it is just our taste buds.


This article explores explores the evolution of a coffee bean under an electron microscope and uncovers how different roast levels affect grinding and extraction time.

JULY  2019

This article covers how temperature-dependent variables can have consequences on coffee grinder and espresso machine performance.


Dr Monika Fekete investigates the chemical and sensory effects of different brew water temperature on espresso extraction.


This article helps explain how minerals modulate taste in coffee extraction. It explores the role of bicarbonates, cations, salt and our taste buds during the process.


Why milk curdles and how to avoid it is paramount for any barista wishing to give their customers the best experience they can. This article looks into the role of proteins in this reaction and how we can try to avoid it.


This article looks at the effect of roasting and grinding on cell structure with the help of an electron microscope!

JUNE 2018

This article looks at the presence of acrylamide in roasted coffee and how the maillard reaction causes this to occur. It also explores the degradation of the levels of acrylamide over time.

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