Do you have issues keeping your roasted coffee quality at a consistently high level? Does the green coffee meet your quality standards for purchase? Whatever your issue, we can help with quality control from testing green beans to recipe development and much more.

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Would you like to be confident that the coffee you buy is of the highest quality, has the right caffeine levels and is toxin free? Have you ever lost customers due to inconsistent brews? We can you help you keep your coffees at top quality every time, advise on purchase decisions and much more.

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We believe that while great coffee is an art, it is also a science.

About us

Dr. Monika Fekete is a highly skilled, innovative scientist with a strong sense for the commercial application of research outcomes. She has over 8 years experience working as a research chemist at prestigious organisations such as Monash University and the CSIRO.

As a coffee lover, Monika has searched Melbourne high and low for that perfect cup. She soon realised that while most coffee professionals are great artists, they often struggle with creating an objective, data-based framework to consistently improve their coffee quality.

This is why we have developed an unique 6-step process that just gets coffee specialists ADDICTed to coffee science! The result: deeper understanding and greater control of bean and brew quality.


Get ADDICTed to coffee science
Our unique methodology in 6 steps


We take a look at your quality controls currently in place and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses from a scientific perspective. We discuss your individual goals and quality improvement options.


Make the most of the data you already have. Using powerful statistical methods, we can help you discover new correlations between your roast data and product outcomes.


We design and set up new quality control methods that best suit your needs.


Let us do the hard work or take charge of your measurements yourself! We can provide regular sample analysis in our lab using our state-of-the-art equipment, or full training if you decide to operate your instruments in house.


Call us with any urgent questions, we will do our best to help solve issues immediately.


We want to make sure you make the most of your scientific advantage. We offer regular meetings to review the progress of your quality program and make adjustments- coffee and science never stop evolving!

We value your IP. We will never share your sensitive data with third parties.

Coffee pros have said…

Monika brings a wealth of coffee knowledge all backed by sound, solid, scientific principles. Having worked with her in the past, she’s an innovative scientist with a deep understanding of coffee from ‘bean to cup’.

Joseph Rivera, Coffee Scientist, creator of coffeechemistry.com
Joseph Rivera, Coffee Scientist, creator of coffeechemistry.com

I belive knowing the science behind why coffee taste so good is so important because it gives us the tools to not only make it taste better but more consistently. Monika helps us do this by ensuring the consistentcy of coffee through the Mythos and EK43 at The Bench Projects. She has also been vital in creating the perfect water and trials for my 2016 World Brewers Cup in Dublin, Ireland.

Devin Loong, 2014 Australian Brewers Cup Champion barista
Devin Loong, 2014 Australian Brewers Cup Champion barista

Monika is a coffee professionals’ dream come true – finally there’s a scientist who understands us! With an inquisitive mindset paired with the scientific methodology and knowledge to back it up, Monika is an invaluable resource to anyone looking to dig a little deeper into their coffee.

Ben Bicknell, Five Senses Coffee
Ben Bicknell, Five Senses Coffee

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